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The Citizens

Meet The Citizens

Crap travelling at the speed of light is crap when it gets there


DatCitizen is a new and vibrant Advertising agency that strongly advocates the power of creativity to positively impact the behavior, thoughts & lifestyle of the society. Our creativity is aimed at defining contemporary cultural & social movements. As one of the youngest Ad Agency in town we are proud to say our impact has been lethal getting on the national awards stage within 6months of operating, DatCitizen has featured at the Ngoma awards and getting awards in the past two years since opening its doors two years back. Now thats creative impact.

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Meet The Citizens


Donald Machaya

Executive Creative Director

Munya Kapfumvuti

Creative Director (Digital)

Tawanda Munyangadzi

Art Director

Moira Chipanda

Senior Copy Crafter

Tanya Masendeke

Art Director

Natasha Runoza

Copy Crafter


Sometimes we just like to blow shit up, and you are free to join us,

We come up with better Big ideas that way.

Create Sticky Ideas

Advertising should be good to an extent of not easily being forgotten DatCitizen has managed to beĀ one of those most creative agencies in town

Think Contagious

Whenever you think your idea is too spooky to get into the market, it probably is the best you have ever come up with

Be Bold

When you know whats good for your client no matter how the client resist be bold and sell the right thing

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work