Kwenga Getting The Informal Sector Back In The Game
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Kwenga Advertising Campaign

Kwenga Advertising Campaign

Kwenga Getting The Informal Sector Back In the Game.


KWENGA- GO GET IT!           

Zimbabwe has faced tremendous economic challenges in the last decade, from the use of United States dollars to the emergence of the Bond notes in 2016. Many thought that the economy would at least change positively, but the issue at stake seemed to have even worsened. It is an undeniable fact that the economy in Zimbabwe has been ailing. And is now on its knees and barely surviving. As if that is enough, lately there has been serious shortages of these Bond notes and majority of the population had to go through harsh conditions just to get a few notes from their banks.

Before the campaign.

Queuing for days or sleeping in the cold streets with the hope of getting some cash with others having to go back with nothing at all. Some would travel long distances to get to a bank which is offering, at most, 30Bond and this would only be used to cater for bread, tomatoes and transport costs. A few citizens since took advantage of the situation and started selling cash at a premium. One would rather choose to buy cash via Ecocash, Telecash or through transfers to money vendors/black market because by so doing, they would have saved themselves from the long hopeless queues. However, many banking institutions flooded the market with swipe machines which were aimed at employing the use of plastic money.

A huge number of Zimbabweans get their clothes, utensils, clothes fruits and vegetables at Mbare which is located in a high density suburb in Harare. People prefer buying there because they sell in bulk and their goods are quite cheaper but were not offering swipe services due to the high transactional charges offered. One can imagine how restrictive it has been on those with bank cards.

Teaser phase.

Steward Bank, being the client, realised that the majority of Zimbabweans is all out looking for cash to buy basic commodities and sought to introduce a better and much realistic solution (the Kwenga Mobile POS machine) to the financial state in Zimbabwe that would enable literally anyone to swipe and buy even the smallest commodity. Kwenga was mainly introduced to target informal sector since the economy of Zimbabwe has since been characterized by informal businesses. Hence, as agency we thought of doing the magic to usher it into the market in a captivating way.


To tackle this campaign, we put a shabby looking man with in the streets unusual and that was inspired by a meme that once went viral the internet; which was of a beggar on the streets with a placard written “wife kidnapped by Ninjas, need money for karate lessons”. We rode on this concept and just added, “l take swipe” to the message.

However, we put a fully sane man on the street with a placard written the same message and just dressed him up to really look like a beggar. This turned out well because the target market indeed thought that this man had lost his mind whilst some thought that he had actually been kidnapped but whichever way, the major point was for people to wonder how a beggar could get a swipe machine, thus, our big idea ‘Go get it’…. if he can get, then go get it too!

Celebrity Buzz

Before the launch day of the product, there was a buzz already on Social Media, where celebrities like Winky D, Bhutis the comedian and Comic Pastor amongst others were responding and it was making headlines on the 263Chat and TechZim.

Launch Date.

At the launch event, the government, through the Deputy Minister of Finance, was asked to at least reduce the transactional fees and they had no option but to cut down the fee the next morning because this was well received by the masses.

This product was well presented to the public as evidenced by the increase in the uptake of the Kwenga. Again, to show the evidence of its success, this product has been regarded as a game changer regionally. Internationally as Zimbabwe has been recognized by “The Guardian” as one of the countries leading the way in Africa’s dash from cash to cashless.


Dance to Kwenga challenge.

Soon after the launch of the product, we created a Kwenga song with a message that encouraged people to ‘Go get it’. Thereafter, we came up with a promotion that would ask people to dance to the Kwenga song and stand a chance to win a prize of $500. This once again, trended on Social Media.


Current Trend.

There has been overwhelming response with at least 3000 devices already in use in the market. The goal is to give out 100 000 devices by year end. Bulawayo city is already offering Kwenga services in public transport, with 260 Kwenga devices in use.

In the same line, Steward Bank has placed skooters in Mbare, to ensure ease of registration to the informal traders in that respective area. Unlike the old days where one would wait for days, if not a week to acquire a POS machine, one can now get Kwenga instantly upon registration.



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