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They can steal the intangible

They can steal the intangible

Just like how it’s a cat and mouse game in every other business, so is it in the advertising world. All these squabbles emanate from theft of intellectual property or ideas which has triggered heated tensions amongst agencies. This is because an agency can lose its ‘secret ingredient’ that sets its product apart from the competition and dilutes the brand. Hence, it can be quite agreeable that indeed no one wants their work touched, copied or altered. Creating and developing an idea might sound like it’s as easy as cutting a piece of paper but it involves a lot of work and it’s what advertising agencies breathe and live for. Having your idea stolen or not being paid for is just the worst nightmare and greatest tragedy an agency can face because how viral an advert goes shows the amount of time, effort and extent of creativity invested.

Having said that, competitors are likely to copy and freeride upon your creative inspiration, skill and efforts. To avoid this, creative content such as, written material, photographs, graphics, the layout of an advertisement, music and videos should always be protected by copyright. Advertising slogans and sounds may be protected by copyright or by trademark law depending on the circumstances underlying the slogans. Business names, logos, product names, domain names and other signs used in advertising can also be protected as trademarks. As an agency, you should therefore devise appropriate strategies to protect your creations by using these legal tools which all fall under patenting.

Agencies are quite skeptical to expose or rather present their ideas to clients due to their lack of commitment in making payments. After all, no one would feel safe leaving their ‘baby’ with just anybody, so they are not to blame at times. However, as DatCitizen, we have realized that being hesitant and folding our hands behind the scenes with the rest of our colleagues in the industry will not do us any good or change positively the current situation. Consequently, this has propelled us to fill in a gap that nobody would have the guts and audacity to do.

Taking the bull by its horns, we are now introducing a new open shelf which gives clients the ability to peruse and go through different concepts and ideas (that are already patented), presented on the website. If they find anything interesting or in sync with what they want then they can make an effort to make the necessary requisitions to purchase. However, failure to make payments upon a viable contract, they might be facing serious intellectual theft charges. In case of duplication, there will be clear evidence that can be traced on the website.

In a nutshell, theft of intellectual property and ideas can undeniably be regarded as more than just pick-pocketing, it is ‘stealing the intangible,’ which can inevitably be difficult to recover without the necessary and adequate evidence. In regards to our new idea, its success is only known by the future but we remain unshaken and optimistic because it is better to try than never.

Food for thought!

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